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Antigua and Barbuda is a sovereign nation located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. The islands were originally inhabited by the Siboney, Arawak, and Carib peoples. Christopher Columbus sighted the islands in 1493 and named them “Santa Maria de la Antigua” after a church in Seville, Spain.

The islands were colonized by the British in 1632, and sugar cane became the main crop, leading to the importation of African slaves. The islands gained independence in 1981, with Vere Bird as the first prime minister.

In the early 2000s, Antigua and Barbuda became a center for online gambling, but in 2006 the United States effectively banned the country’s internet gaming industry, causing a decline in the economy.

In 2017, Hurricane Irma caused significant damage to the islands, destroying homes and infrastructure, and resulting in several deaths. The country has since made efforts to rebuild and recover.

Antigua and Barbuda is known for its beautiful beaches and tourism industry, which is the main contributor to its economy. It has also produced notable athletes, including cricketers Viv Richards and Curtly Ambrose.

In recent years, the country has become a leader in the fight against climate change, advocating for small island nations in international forums and implementing renewable energy projects.

Today, Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, and the Caribbean Community, among other international organizations. The country continues to face challenges related to economic development, infrastructure, and climate change, but remains a vibrant and culturally rich nation in the Caribbean


Basic Facts


Saint John’s




Total 440 km2 (170 sq mi) (182nd) Water (%) negligible


76.5% Christianity 12.1% Other 5.9% No religion 5.5% Unspecified

Vernacular Language

Antiguan and Barbudan Creole

Official Language


Ethnic Groups

91% African (Black) 4.4% Multiracial 1.7% European (White) 2.9% Other


East Caribbean dollar (XCD)

Time Zone


Date Format


Driving Side


Calling Code


ISO 3166 Code


Internal TLD




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Amazing Facts

Antigua and Barbuda is a country made up of two major islands (Antigua and Barbuda) and several smaller islands, located in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

The official language is English and the population is around 97,000 people.

The country is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and year-round warm weather, making it a popular tourist destination.

Antigua and Barbuda gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1981 and became a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The national bird of Antigua and Barbuda is the frigate bird, which is a large seabird known for its distinctive red throat pouch.

The island of Antigua is home to the historic Nelson’s Dockyard, which was once a British naval base and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The country is famous for its annual Antigua Sailing Week, a week-long regatta that attracts sailors and yachting enthusiasts from all over the world.

Antigua and Barbuda is also known for its carnival celebration, which takes place in late July and early August and features colorful parades, music, and dancing.

The currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD) and the country is a member of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.

The country has a diverse economy with tourism being a major industry, along with agriculture, manufacturing, and services.

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